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"FYC has been a great experience for my son in the Pre-K room! We are always excited to see what fun and creative educational activities they have planned. They don't do standard worksheet fare, but well-planned and thoughtful activities designed to spark a genuine curiosity in the world. The teachers have been wonderful and responsive. The best testimonial is how I have to drag my son away in the afternoon!"

Kathy M.

“Choosing FYC was the best decision for our family! We brought our premature-born son into FYC at just 14 weeks old, and they made us very comfortable with our transition. All of the teachers are extremely caring, energetic, and engaging - making it a perfect environment for the development of our son. He is now a thriving and personable 16 month old in the toddler room, and he has enjoyed all of the many diverse learning experiences FYC has provided. We have felt a uniquely high comfort level with the people at FYC and we are so grateful for their ability to work with our son in all phases of his development. We are excited to bring our second child to FYC in a few months! Thank you, FYC!”

Peter & Nicole C.

“FYC has more than exceeded whatever expectations we as new parents had for our daughter’s daycare experience. We had transferred her from a different facility when she was a toddler, where her needs were definitely met and we were generally satisfied, but coming to FYC was a world of difference – the teachers there were more than merely attentive – they worked to foster learning and promote her development with guided learning, a gentle and caring touch, and plenty of patience. We can’t even explain how much she has changed since starting there. She’s now in the preschool classroom and has learned so much, and while kids at this age of course change and develop, without a doubt the staff and other kids there have had a huge influence on her. She attends 5 days/week, and we never worry about how she’s doing during the day. We know she’s loving it because she talks about her teachers and classmates all the way home, and often refuses to leave at the end of the day! As a new parent, it offers such peace of mind knowing that our daughter is in capable and caring hands, and gaining so much from her day there – she’s acquired skills and learned things that I honestly would not have known she would have had the capacity to achieve at her age and development. We are thankful everyday for being lucky enough to find such a place for our little girl.”

Jane C.

"When my family moved to Chicago from Toronto, Canada my priority was to find a preschool that challenged my daughter both academically and socially. For Your Child Preschool has exceeded my expectations. I am impressed by the confidence she has gained and love hearing the excitement in her voice when she shares her classroom experiences with my husband and I. Thanks to the staff at FYC for always going the extra mile to make my child's first educational experience memorable."

Karen & Rajeev V.

"FYC Preschool is a warm and nurturing environment that our 2 year old looks forward to every morning and doesn't want to leave at the end of each day. From the attentive and qualified teachers to the communication and curriculum we know our child's best interest and development is their priority."

Sarah R.

"We couldn't be happier with FYC Preschool! The teachers are compassionate, caring, dedicated and enthusiastic and our daughter has learned and grown in ways we never expected while attending school there. Communication with the director and teachers is fantastic, whether in-person, by phone or email. We have also been impressed by the way FYC has handled our daughter's multiple food allergies. They have arranged special meals and snacks with the caterer, a food allergy education session during one of their in-service days, follow the food allergy action plan to the letter, and ALWAYS call with any question about potentially 'dangerous' foods. We feel like our daughter is in the safest possible environment. FYC is a great place, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone!"

Samantha S.

"For Your Child Preschool has exceeded our expectations. The owner and the teachers in the infant room are so sincere and professional. They are kind, caring and even-tempered and work hard to make each day fun and interesting for the babies. Our daughter dances, paints and even takes Spanish classes! She is so excited when we arrive every day and it gives me peace of mind to know that she is in such competent and compassionate hands."

Kim H.

"The teachers for both children are caring, creative and always promoting ways to grow - emotionally and developmentally. Our 2 year old loves the pre-school room where she has the opportunity to learn new things and make friends all in a very nurturing and fun environment. Our 8 month old infant comes home happy and rested everyday. The teachers work with him on his motor and developmental skills and track his progress by communicating to us on a regular basis."

Kourtney S.

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