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Many of our staff have a Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Early Childhood Education or a related field such as child development. We provide continuing education for the teachers through in-services and paid days off to attend professional seminars and classes. We also provide CPR and first aid classes for all full time staff members. Our teachers submit weekly, developmentally appropriate lesson plans based on the Illinois state benchmarks. In addition to providing feedback daily at drop off and pick we also offer bi-yearly written evaluations, as well as parent-teacher conference each winter. Teachers attend monthly staff meetings to keep everyone informed of school events and special projects and to ask questions, share ideas, and seek advice from other staff members. A minimum of a one year contract is mandatory for all teachers to reduce the amount of turn-over and therefore maintain consistency in the lives of our students. All full time staff are salaried and the teacher contract includes a paid vacation package and sick time which decreases the chances of teacher burn-out often found in the field of early childhood education.

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